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Our Service to Support Parlors in Japan

This is Necessary to support both way

Pachinko parlors in Japan are increasingly eager to welcome foreign visitors, but there's a crucial need for intermediaries who are proficient in both English and pachinko. Our services cater to this need by offering comprehensive support to pachinko establishments, ensuring they are ready to host international guests effectively. 

Our aim is to bridge the gap between Japanese pachinko culture and global enthusiasts, ensuring a memorable and accessible experience for everyone involved.

Overall Reception Readiness

Beyond direct customer interaction, we assist in creating an environment that is welcoming to foreigners, which might include signage in multiple languages, English-language machines, and cultural awareness.


Guidance for Foreign Visitors

We provide on-site guidance for visitors, explaining the intricacies of pachinko in English. This includes how to play, understanding the rules, and tips for enjoying the experience.


Creation of English Game Guides

We develop detailed game guides in English, making it easier for non-Japanese speakers to understand and engage with the game.


Staff Training

Educating store staff is a critical component. We offer training sessions for pachinko parlor employees, focusing on language skills, cultural sensitivity, and customer service tailored to international guests.

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