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Different Type of Pachinko

There are several major models of pachinko, most of difference is odds for bonus.

A. Middle Spec

Very basic spec and things most common in actual parlor(as there are a lot in stock). Has 1/319 - 1/270 as initial bonus hit ratio so you can expect to hit a bonus once within 90-120 min in average as in most case game per hour would be around 200-250. 

Light Spec
(甘デジ, デジハネ, Ama-Digi, Sweet Spec, Digi-Hane)

Model that has higher in bonus hit ratio (1/199 - 1/70), so it is most convenient if you just want to enjoy the action as you can expect to hit those twice in an hour.

(ハネモノ, 羽根物, Wing Style)

There`s no(or very high) probability on bonus hit ratio, and if you manage to hit V pocket in the middle the bonus starts. It is most technic-required model so maybe if you are expecting to play in vintage-styled or enjoy the challenging.

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